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The Art of Spiritual Leadership in Business

How to lead with spiritual purpose, values and creativity


A 4-hour, 4-CD audio-based learning programme written by Debra and William Miller and recorded by William Miller. Produced and sold by Sounds True, Inc.


If you would like a full-length audio of this programme, please contact us.



The basic messages of this audio-based learning programme – including practical methods for developing the four key faculties of spiritual-based leaders – are summarized on 28 pocket-sized cards. These are handy as review and quick reference materials to assist you in incorporating what you have learned into your day-to-day work life.




To assist leaders in bringing forth their natural capacity for spiritual-based leadership, this programme engages them in developing four faculties – four capabilities. For each capability, here is a sample of self-inquiry questions that help leaders explore and develop their own unique expression as a spiritual-based leader:


1.  Establish your spiritual view of life, and your spiritual theme

  • How do I define my own relationship between spirituality and religion?

  • What is my spiritual view of life, and my spiritual theme?

  • When viewed from my spiritual theme, how do my work situations take on a new and different look?

2.  Explore your spirituality from the inside out. Identify how you best grow your spiritual awareness.

  • How much time do I give myself each week to be in silence and inner listening?

  • What is my spiritual character: spiritual view of life + spiritual purpose + spiritual values?

  • What path of spiritual growth-path of action, devotion, or wisdom-do I most naturally employ?

  • What spiritual disciplines most help me to deepen my spiritual awareness?

3.  Embody spiritual principles in your leadership. See what it looks like waking up as a spiritual leader each day.

  • How does spirituality support my success in business?

  • How is my work an opportunity for spiritual growth?

  • How have I talked my thoughts and walked my talk in the last 24 hours?

4.  Engage in revolutionary activities. Stretch your ideas of what’s possible in who you are, what you contribute, and how you can lead from your spiritual theme.

  • How does my work culture look different from a spiritual view?

  • What is my definition of wealth for my organisation as well as for myself?

  • How do I see myself relating to my organisation’s stakeholders from a spiritual view?

These four faculties are not just for individuals. In fact, when a group of leaders identify their common spiritual view of life, support each other in growing spiritually, embody spiritual principles day-to-day, and engage in activities to transform their organisation, they cannot help but stimulate fundamental change… naturally. This change will occur in three arenas:

  • The culture of the organisation

  • The organisation’s approach to creating wealth

  • The organisation’s relationship with all stakeholders, including society and environment

When an executive team embodies a common spiritual view, it naturally exercises the spiritual values such as truthfulness, responsibility, peace, love, and non-violence. Those values shape the day-to-day culture for learning and innovation. Then, the wealth-creation activities of an organisation – including strategy and product development – will be based on this culture of spiritual values. The team’s spiritual character will also drive their decisions as they interact with and affect the societies and the environment in which they operate.


Today, we are all called to lead the way to a new story about leadership and spiritual values in business. As stated by Michael Ray, professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business [1]: "The real heroes of today are people dealing with the challenges of a world in chaotic transition. They know the difficulty and suffering that is part of this world. But they also have full faith in their inner creativity and spirit with its infinite intuition, will, joy, strength, and compassion. They know that the joy and promise of life is taking these inner qualities and bringing them forth in a constant quest for the highest for themselves and everyone around them."


The Art of Spiritual Leadership in Business is a response to this challenge, this call, for business leaders to take the lead in guiding their organisations from a spiritual basis. 


[1] From The New Entrepreneurs, edited by Renesch & DeFoore. 1994. New Leaders Press, San Francisco.


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